Who doesn't want to give back to their community? With Give Back Greetings, it's a breeze.

Designed exclusively for schools and other 501(c)(3) organizations, Give Back Greetings is a premier online retail store offering personalized cards and invitations. This no-hassle fundraiser is a perfect choice for schools, churches, temples, and nonprofit organizations. With Give Back Greetings, 10% of the retail price of the products purchased is awarded back to the customer-designated organization.

Program Overview

  1. Schools and Nonprofits register with Give Back Greetings.
  2. Give Back Greetings provides each registered School and Nonprofit with their own unique Storefront Webpage that tracks purchases.
  3. Schools and Nonprofits share their unique Storefront Webpage with the families and supporters.
  4. When School families and Nonprofit supporters order product using their oganization's unique Storefront Webpage, the rewards are calculated.
  5. 10% of the retail price of purchases is awarded to participating Schools and Nonprofits in September of each year.

View video for Schools (96sec)

View video for Nonprofits (120sec)

To see if your favorite School or Nonprofit participates in our program, search our database.

If your favorite School or Nonprofit is not participating, you can still support them. Go to “Register Your Organization” and register the School or Nonprofit as a supporter. You will receive a Storefront Webpage that will track all sales for that organization, and we will reach out to them to complete the registration.